October 25, 2011

Birthday Fun

Today is my birthday, and I feel inspired to blog! A fresh start, maybe? I've said that before, but this time I'm really determined! This past weekend I threw a little get together to celebrate my day in advance. I'd like to share some of the pictures taken :) A lot of DIY and thrift store decorations! I wanted the cocktail/lounge/dinner party feel more than an actual birthday party. The pictures make it seem very dark, but it wasn't. I might have overdone the photo effects, but I thought it made the white decorations stand out more. The party was a success! The food turned out great, we had a few cocktails, and I played some dance music. It was a good time.


mika said...

happy b-day to you too! :))))

FOLLOWPIX - Anna Pitto said...

Beautiful pics :-D thanks for following ! Where can I follow you??


Roxy said...

thanks! sorry, i've been playing around with the layout. you should be able to follow me now :)