December 19, 2010

A little about me..

Name: Roxanne
Age: 22
Birthday: October 25
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 5'1 :)
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black

Color: Gray, olive, cream, bronze, reds/oranges
Cartoon: Hey Arnold, Flintstones
Food: Chicken enchiladas, Pastas
Dessert: Red Velvet Cake, but I like almost everything. I have a huge sweet tooth!
Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse for chain restaurant and In-N-Out for fast food
Song: I like too many!
Music Artist: I listen to a variety
Movie: Chicago, Never Been Kissed, The Holiday, Harry Potter Series
Movie Genre: Romantic Comedies, Suspense/Thrillers
TV Show: Prisonbreak
TV network: TLC, MTV
Store: For clothing I like Forever 21, Target, and Macy's but I shop everywhere
Clothing Brand: Not really a label person. I wear anything that I think looks cute.
Celebrity style: Nicole Richie, Brittany Snow, Ashley Tisdale, Miroslava Duma
Makeup Brand: Not very picky but I do like a lot of things from Benefit and Urban Decay
Activities: Movies, sightseeing, blog surfing
Hobbies: Baking, cooking, diy projects
Website: and
Season: I love fall weather and early spring

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