January 22, 2012

Top It Off

That was my attempt at a clever title. Yeah, didn't work. Anyways, I'm a big fan of hats: fedoras, floppy hats, beanies, berets, trapper hats, newsboys.. I love them, especially when I'm too lazy to comb my hair which I am guilty of about 50 percent of the time. While browsing H&M a few days ago, I hit the cold weather hat jackpot because most of them were ON SALE. I wanted to come home with a whole shopping bag full of them, but since I already did some damage at the shops I visited previous to H&M, I opted to only pick up two.

Each hat cost ONE whole dollar, ya'll. I am a happy camper.


WOLF359 said...

What a cute hat, and wow, that's really cheap! Such a good sale-pick!

Anne from WOLF359

Mai Ker Xiong said...

What a great deal you found. I love to bargain shop too. :) Please come check my blog and follow me too! :)


Maria said...

Great choice !


Maria said...

Great choice !


Aurelia (A Pretty Life) said...

where are you Roxy?

lexi said...

a dollar?! really good deal! come back to blogging :)