December 29, 2011

Beauty Station

One of my favorite things in my room is the little station that I have set up. I don't have a large room so everything is condensed into one little area. I also don't like to have a lot of knickknacks on display, so bins and shelves were out of the question. Instead I took what once was used as a computer desk and turned it into storage for everything I could ever need for getting ready. It was perfect. I could have everything within arm's reach and could hide it all once I was done. I love it!

This desk was a thrift store find! It was sanded and stained. It has seven drawers in total, with three on each side and one in the middle.

Makeup is separated into categories and organized into bins or pencil trays that were purchased at the dollar store. Makeup brushes and hair tools are separated into tin pails that were purchased the dollar section at Target.

All of my hair products fit into one drawer. All of my hot hair tools are placed in a clay flower pot.

How do you organize your makeup and other beauty related products?

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